The FastTrac Closing System Advantage

  • 3 Days earlier emergence over other row units
  • 6-10% NES (Net Effective Stands) delivering more productive plants
  • 10 BPA per 2,000 plants for higher yield

  • Fits John Deere and Kinze Planters.
  • Bolts together for easy installation.
  • Independent Suspension for more consistent soil contact.
  • Avoid the free wheel spin of our competitors.
  • More even emergence 2-3 days faster.
  • More complete seed furrow closure minimizing sidewall compaction.
  • Fast Trac – Faster Emergence. Higher Yield.


Very fast. Very smart.

Nothing closes the trench and puts seed and soil together better than a press wheel. Not conventional closing wheels. Not chains. Not nothing.
Fast Trac doesn’t actually press, it just rolls over and tamps down the soil, creating perfect contact with the seed. The tread even leaves a line that let plants easily poke through crusty soil to reach the light of day and then grow and grow and grow. 
You’ll see even emergence, 2 or 3 days sooner than otherwise. Think of the extra GDUs. They’ll make a big difference in the grain wagon.
A corn grower plants 34,000 seeds per acre.  Gets an average of 30,000 productive plants at harvest (with V-closing wheels). Average 180 bushels per acre. With FastTrac system results in faster, more even emergence resulting in 32,000 productive plants and 192 bushels per acre. Missing out on 12 bushels per acre. Accepting less yield with a V-closing system.
Even easier, smarter, better is Fast Trac’s optional fertilizer tube. It comes down and rises over the tire, and drops the N right behind it, right where it belongs, right where you want it. Pretty smart, huh?
Contact us for details on Fast TRAC for your planter. Right now.

Fast Trac

  • Wide press wheel closes trench perfectly
  • Ideal seed-to-soil contact
  • Plants emerge evenly, days earlier
  • Optional fertilizer tube
  • Available for John Deere & Kinze planters
Planter  FAST TRAC Models  


JD Spring
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JD Spring
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FastTrac in Action

2x2" Fertilizer Placement
John Deere DB60 36 Row 20
Fast Trac Kinze


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